Robyn had been looking for just the right natural piece to finish the look she had been dreaming for her stairway. She had spent several years hunting driftwood and was even considering spending a small fortune on something that would have only partially satisfied what she had in mind.

For this space she wanted one full length piece of wood that was approximately 2.5 to 3 inches diameter. Online she was only able to find a two-piece ensemble so her search continued. Within a few short hours of hearing her request, I had found a piece I was certain would be just right for what she had asked. As with all of my wood pieces, I finished it with olive oil to seal and preserve the wood. She agreed that it would be perfect and was happy to share pictures of the finished project for all to see her imagination brought to life through my natural method and process.

Voila! Another Nature Reveals Masterpiece!

Thanks Robyn, for letting me adorn your home with this natural beauty of the Wild Boreal!